What to Do This Spring

Springtime is finally here! There’s just something about that brisk morning air with some blooming flowers in the yard as you sip your coffee…isn’t there? Warmer weather during the day means so many fun things to do this spring! Take a look at our list of new things to try + events going on in Atlanta, GA to check out.

  1. Go for a walk outside!
  2. Start an herb or vegetable garden.
  3. Go to the Atlanta Spring Wine Festival! 
  4. Visit a farmer’s market, like one of these:

Marietta Square Farmers Market

Sandy Springs Farmers Market

Ponce City Farmers Market

  1. Go on a picnic with friends or that special someone.
  2. Host a barbeque party!
  3. Plan a camping trip.
  4. Go to a music festival, like this one.
  5. Go to a Braves game!
  6. Visit the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

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8 Steps to De-Stress

Juggling work and the kids can be stressful — we know! So, we’ve put together a list of 8 ways you can de-stress right now.


Find the funny in life.

Next time you’re struggling to get to the front door from your car while juggling your toddler in one arm and way more groceries than you can handle in the other, step back! Ask yourself if you were telling this story to a friend, would you be laughing?

Ditch unhealthy habits.

Consuming the wrong kinds of foods and drinks throughout the day can have a huge effect on your stress levels. Choose tea or water instead of coffee or soda. Choose fruit or veggies instead of chips or crackers.


Make time for exercise.

Bring your kiddo with you! Take a long walk with the stroller. Fresh air is one of the best things you can do for stress.

Indulge when you can.

Get a babysitter and go out for date night with that special someone, or meet the girls for drinks! Take breaks. You’re allowed!

When you feel your stress and anxiety taking ahold of your mood, change up your task. Drink a few glasses of water, take a few deep breaths of fresh air. Help yourself feel better!


Feeling stressed is something many people deal with, but you don’t have to suffer! Try things that will make you feel better, and add them to your routine. And while you’re at it, schedule Rise n Shine to come and clean for you. Think of it this way: it’s one less thing you have to do!


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Rid Your Kitchen of Junk

Cleaning out your kitchen is one thing, but getting rid of the things that hinder your healthy lifestyle is even more important. Use the list we’ve provided below to help clean up your kitchen in so many ways!

Maintain Cleanliness

Sounds pretty simple, huh? When you go to bed at night, be sure that there are no dirty dishes in the sink, no crumbs or messes on the countertops, and the dishwasher has been run! Don’t forget the hard to reach places, like the drawers in your fridge or behind the oven. These spots need regular maintenance as well. This will help to not only keep bugs out but also unwanted germs and bacteria that build up overnight.


Say Goodbye To Plastic

Plastics in your Tupperware are harmful even when they are not heated up! Get rid of them and use with glass containers and mason jars instead.


Switch Out Your Cutting Boards

As we just discussed, plastic should be a thing of your past! Get rid of your plastic cutting boards as well as wooden ones. Wood is porous, so bacteria gets stuck in it very easily over time. Opt for a glass cutting board instead!


Vinegar, Vinegar, Vinegar!

Instead of using traditional kitchen cleaning products, use vinegar. It doesn’t have all of those harmful chemicals! Rely on DIY cleaners you can concoct with some vinegar and lemon juice, orange peels etc.

Keep in mind that maintaining your kitchen’s day-to-day cleanliness is important, but you will also need a deep clean every month or so. Let us help! Give us a call (404-913-6699) or a get quote online here.