10 Things To Throw Out At The Start Of A New Year

Kicking off 2023 by cleaning out your home is the perfect way to start the new year with a fresh slate! Follow the checklist below to get rid of items in your home you might not have remembered are old, unnecessary, or unusable.


Old, tired pillows.

The ones you sleep on might be comfortable, but what about the ones in your kids’ rooms or guest bedrooms? They could probably stand to be replaced.


Half-burned candles.

If you haven’t lit it in a year, it’s time to toss it. ‘Nuff said.

Old winter clothes/accessories.

Planning a ski trip? Take the time to throw out what you don’t pack – it’s likely you won’t need it again! Also, throw out clothes you didn’t wear during the holidays or prior. If you haven’t worn them in the last few winter months or year before, it’s time to donate them! 

Old or unnecessary food in the pantry/fridge.

Go through and look at expiration dates on condiments in the fridge – toss what’s old and/or not something you use. Toss random items in your pantry out, too. Maybe it’s an old bag of croutons that have gone stale that you used for a party once! You’ve definitely got something in there you can clear out.

Extra mugs.

Better donated, we say! If you don’t use them throughout the week or when you have company, it’s time to take them to Goodwill!


Old towels.

Either add these to the ‘dog towel’ pile in the linen closet or toss them and get some nice new ones. It’s amazing how good new towels feel! 

Games and toys with missing or broken pieces.


Old restaurant menus, business cards, expired coupons, and the like.

Clear out that junk drawer where old mail goes to die! It’s time.


We hope this helps you jump-start your cleaning routine for the new year. Happy 2023!