Back-to-School Organization at Home

Staying organized at home is so important, especially if you have kids in school. It shows and teaches them the importance of staying organized and will help you AND them keep up with their work and supplies. Follow along for some great tips to stay organized at home as your kids head back to school this fall.

Create or designate a homework station.

Doing this will give your child a place to go to when they get home from school and need to begin their homework. Even if you don’t have an extra desk for them at home, show them how to clear off some counter space or the kitchen table! 

Keep supplies in one organized location.

We’d recommend purchasing a rolling cart or shelf for supplies like pencils and markers, paper, etc to put near the homework station!

Keep a calendar of school events, tests, soccer practice, etc on the fridge.

You can even make it color-coded, too. Just make sure it’s easy for your kids to read and understand. 

Designate a bookshelf for books and workbooks.

Have your kids use one shelf or bookshelf for the school-related books and workbooks! This will make staying organized when they go to pack their backpacks every morning.


Hang or place a whiteboard in your child’s bedroom to help them plan their outfits.

Each night or each Sunday, plan outfits with your child so that there’s no scrambling in the morning!


We hope this helps you as your kids go back to school this fall! All our best for a great school year.

How To Deep Clean Every Room In Your House

Refresh your home with a deep clean this weekend! We’ve got the step-by-step process here for you so you can follow it and be done in a flash.


Remember to de-clutter first!

This will make your job much easier, and you won’t have to worry about doing this in each room before cleaning.


Work from top to bottom.


Dust off fans, ceiling and floor trim, and any other furniture in the room


Scrub the windows (all of them!)

Don’t skip the windowsills and vacuuming the blinds, plus curtains! Curtains are easy, though – just toss them in the dryer to get rid of dust and fluff them up.


Now you can get out your vacuum!

Vacuum every room, and then use a mop (not a Swiffer – those are good for small messes and everyday maintenance, not deep cleaning!) on hardwood/tile, etc floors.


Clean bedding!

Launder sheets, pillow covers, and comforters or duvet covers… the whole nine yards!

Make sure you get in and around appliances, too.

Pull the microwave out from the wall and deep clean behind it. Do the same with the fridge, etc. And don’t forget the tops of appliances – there is dust up there! Trust us! Cleaning inside the fridge, oven, etc is important too. So don’t skip this step!


Top Ideas for Summer 2022 Outdoor Decor

It’s time to step up your home’s outdoor look! Follow along for some fun ideas for your yard, patio, and so on.


Purchase some solar-powered lights.

Affordable and fun, these lights step up your yard’s appearance at night! Line your driveway with them, place them in front of your prettiest trees and bushes, etc.


Install some pretty edging in your garden/yard.

Separate your garden or area with trees/bushes/mulch from your yard with edging. Choose from concrete, bricks, and more – just visit your local home improvement store!

Add an outdoor rug to your patio or deck space.

Doing this really steps up your seating or dining area because it sort of brings everything together visually.


Install a fire pit.

You can find materials for this at your local home improvement retailer, and it won’t break the bank!

Attract birds to your yard with pretty bird feeders!

A bird feeder makes your yard a good place to bird-watch!


Update your outdoor lighting.

If it’s been a while since you replaced your outdoor lighting, it’s probably time! These fixtures take a beating being outside in the elements all the time, and this can cause the paint on them to peel and look unsightly. 


Hang string lights!

These truly make any space look inviting and modernized!


Grow your own herbs and/or food.

If you have room for a garden, plant some tomatoes, etc! If not, you can still grow herbs and food from pots or a mini-garden in your yard. Just do a bit of research beforehand.


Happy decorating!!

Easter Fun for Kids

Are you hosting a crowd for Easter this year? We’ve got the perfect list to use for entertaining the little ones.


Color eggs, of course!

Grab a kit and some eggs from your local grocery store or Target and let the kids go to town.


Easter sponge painting

Pick up some cheap sponges and cut them into Easter-themed shapes like carrots and bunny ears. Grab some paint and paper for the kids to stamp their designs onto!


Easy option: printable coloring pages!

Download and print out some fun Easter-themed coloring pages. Don’t forget to provide markers and crayons.


Easter egg hunt, stepped up a level

Create a scavenger hunt for the kids based on the different types of eggs they’ll be finding. Draw funny faces, objects, etc on your plastic eggs to help them differentiate what they should be looking for in each task.


Play Easter bingo.

Another easy printable activity!


Easter hats

Make fun hats out of poster board or paper. Use tape or staples to create cone shapes, then have the kids paste on Easter bunny faces using more paper, puff balls for noses and eyes, pipe cleaners for whiskers, etc!


Happy Easter!

Spring Gardening Checklist

Check all of these things off of your list as we head into the spring season, and you’ll have your garden blossoming and looking gorgeous in no time!

Clean up!

Clean off your garden decor, like bulbs, birdbaths, and so on. This will help liven it up even without plants and flowers!


Plant summer bulbs

Grab a few pots and plant dahlias and tulips in them before the ground is warm enough so they have a good head start.


Get your hose up to scratch

Check it for any leaks, organize it on its holder so there are no tangles.


Rake debris

Get rid of any leaves, acorns, twigs, and the like from your garden (and yard while you’re at it!). Clear debris away with a rake or blower, and use your hands around fragile perennial plants that have broken the soil’s surface.


Prune your trees and bushes that need it.


Spread mulch

Use some fresh mulch to refresh areas where it is used.


Happy gardening!!!