End of Summer Cleaning Tips

As summer comes to a close, keep these tips in mind when you go to do some organizing and cleaning for the new season!


-Give your outdoor furniture a deep clean.

Scrub chairs and tables and toss pillows and cushions in the wash. Make sure to follow washing instructions!


-Clean the grill.

Give the grill and all of your grill utensils and accessories a good scrub! You could even rinse off or pressure wash your grill cover if you wanted to go the extra mile.

-Drain and clean your lawnmower.

Clean off any grass clumped on the mower, and empty the gas tank. Run the mower dry to avoid any issues when you go to run it again.


-Scrub garden tools and launder gloves, etc.

Again, check washing instructions!

-Wash beach towels.

Make sure to toss them all in with some baking soda to lift any sunscreen or unpleasant odors!


-Organize and sweep out the garage.

You’ll be amazed at the things you’ll find! Give your garage fridge (if you have one) a good scrub too.

The inside of your house needs a good cleaning, too! Let us come in and get things looking spick-and-span for the fall.

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Easy Crafts for Kids

Planning crafts for the summertime with your kids can be difficult when you’re a little short on ideas… so we’ve written this blog to inspire you a bit!


-Make homemade birdhouses!

Buy the houses here.

and decorate them by gluing on some tissue paper pieces, buttons, sequins, and anything else you can think of!


-Get out the tie-dye kit!

Get creative and do more than shirts, like canvas tote bags, scrunchies, or a tablecloth.

-Make beautiful pasta necklaces.

Buy some assorted kinds of pasta and some yarn, and get creating! After (or before) you assemble the necklaces, get out some paints and make the pasta pieces colorful.


-Make dreamy paper lanterns!

You’ll need two sheets of colored paper, scissors, a pencil, and a stapler. Begin by cutting two strips down the long side of one of the sheets, and set them aside. Next, fold the second sheet of paper in half to form a long and skinny rectangle.

Draw pencil marks as a guide, and invite the kiddos over to cut along the lines with scissors. Be sure not to cut all the way to the edge of the paper, leaving about an inch at the end.

Open it up, and roll it to connect both of the ends. Staple into place. Roll up the first sheet of paper and insert it into the lantern. Staple into place. Use the strips of paper you first cut off to decorate your lanterns, if desired. Hang your paper lanterns from the ceiling to make a pretty new decoration!

-Make stained glass jars.

Gather your glass jars and pass them out! Then, cut up multi-colored tissue paper into one-to-two-inch pieces. Use Mod-Podge or paste to glue these onto the inside of each glass jar. Once dried, place tea light candles inside the jars and watch the colors glow!

Crafting can get messy!! Let us clean up after your summer craft days. Give us a call (404-913-6699) or a get quote online here.

Organizing Your Pantry

Maximize your pantry space by organizing it into zones and sections. That way it’s easy to find things! See below for our guide to doing so: 


-Start by deciding sections that you’ll divide everything into.

Everyone is different, but here a few ideas to start with:

-Baking supplies (like flour)

-Cooking supplies (like olive oil)

-Dry goods (like pasta)


-Condiments that don’t need refrigeration or haven’t been opened yet

-Broths or canned soups

-Consolidate, consolidate, consolidate!!

Purchasing storage containers for this makes it much easier! For example, when your rice is running low, add the new bag to the container.


-Buy helpful tools, like shelves or racks.

Go on Amazon and go crazy! Buy a spice rack that fits in your space, and you’ll be amazed how much easier it is to find things.


-Put away things that you only eat seasonally or at certain holidays.

Make sure your pantry is stocked with things that you eat on a daily/weekly basis. If you only use pumpkin puree in the fall/winter, store it away somewhere else for the rest of the year!


-Organize your pantry in a way that works for you.

The internet is full of products and methods for organizing your pantry. Try to focus on what you need to organize, and what your space looks like!

 Before you reorganize, let us clean your kitchen and home top-to-bottom! Give us a call (404-913-6699) or a get quote online here.

Gardening Tips for Spring

Are you in full springtime gardening mode, cleaning out your flower beds, trimming your hedges, and planning out new planting areas? We’ve got some great gardening tips to help you!


-Do a thorough spring cleanup/fixup.

Level out stepping stones, clean out your gutters, fix fences, clean plant debris out of your garden beds, fix window boxes, and so on.


-Plant for all seasons!

While it’s easy to be drawn to all of the beautiful spring flowers at your local garden center because they’re sure to have all of their azaleas, hydrangeas, snapdragons, and more out this time of year! But it’s important to plan for the rest of the year. If you’ve started a new flower bed, choose different kinds of shrubs as a backdrop that will be alive year-round. Plant (along with your favorite spring flowers) seasonal annual flowers like mums and impatiens for yearlong color!


-Don’t forget fragrant flowers and aromatics.

It’s easy to get preoccupied with flowers and plants that are pleasing to the eye, but don’t forget to plant some that are pleasing to the nose in addition! Bonus: many aromatic flowers are pest repellents! Choose plants like basil, lavender, rosemary, chamomile, and more.


-Add a cutting garden to your yard!

You spend a lot of time and money on making your garden(s) perfect, so why not bring your garden inside as well! Incorporate prolific bloomers that are great for cutting and 

placing in vases to enjoy indoors all day long.


-Use sheets or towels to cover your flower beds/gardens if need be.

Spring frosts and freezes are still a possibility this time of year, and you don’t want to lose your progress! Keep an eye on the forecast and cover your garden with some old towels or sheets if necessary.

Spring Cleaning

There’s no better feeling than having a clean home going into a new season! Follow the tips below to deep clean your home for springtime. We like to split it up into sections to stay organized!


General home:

-Wash throw pillow covers and blankets.

-Clean baseboards.

-Scrub windowsills.

-Wipe windows.

-Dust blinds.

-Dust all ceiling fans (if they’re particularly dirty, we like to vacuum them as best we can, and then wipe them fully clean).

-Buff or paint over any scuffs in the walls.



-Pull appliances out so you can vacuum and clean under and behind them.

-Organize the pantry and cabinets. Pull out dishes and wipe the shelves out!

-Turn on your oven’s self-clean feature and scrub the microwave.

-Clean and then organize the fridge and throw out any old food or condiments.



-Vacuum and then rotate/flip mattresses.

-Sort through clothes. If you haven’t worn something in over two years, it’s time to donate it!


-Launder hand and bath towels and rugs.

-Wash or replace shower liner.

-Clean out and reorganize medicine cabinets and drawers.

-Throw out any old lotions, makeups, soaps, etc.

-Toss the toothbrush holder in the dishwasher.


Family room:

-Vacuum all furniture and rugs.

-Dust decor, like frames and art. Handwash any vases.

-Replace the air filter.

Having your home cleaned right now is more important than it’s ever been before. Give us a call (404-913-6699) or a get quote online here.