February Purge

Every now and then, it’s important to purge some stuff from your home! Why not do one to start your new year off on a T I D Y note?! Use the below checklist to help you:



Old or ill-fitting clothing

Old hats

Worn out shoes

Tattered blankets and/or linens

Junk in drawers or on shelves

Old books




Old towels

Expired medicines and/or ointments

Old brushes

(Replace bathmats for a fresh look!)



Tupperware that is worn or you can’t locate matches (lid/container) for

Chipped glasses

Old or expired canned foods

Cookbooks that you no longer use

Expired food or condiments in the fridge



Old paint cans

Dirty rags

Expired cleaning liquids

Broken tools/equipment

Old holiday decorations



Dried out pens

Recycle old papers

Shred confidential documents you don’t need

Old business cards


We hope this helps you stay a little more organized (and sane!) in 2020.

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2020 Cleaning Resolutions

Happy New Year, everyone! While many of us are making resolutions to be healthier, eat cleaner, and/or exercise more, some cleaning resolutions thrown into the mix are never a bad idea! Take a look at the list we came up for you to easily incorporate into your weekly routine. 


Declutter regularly.

Whether you’re the messy one or your partner/children are…decluttering is important. Be sure to pick up and organize rooms (and closets!) in the house a couple of times a week. This will help with everyone’s sanity during a busy week!


Change out towels and linens regularly.

Not only is this important for hygiene, but it also just feels nice wrapping up in a clean towel after the shower and getting into clean sheets at night! Change these out every week.


Wipe down counters, clean out the microwave. 

These might seem like simple everyday tasks, but they can be forgotten easily! Keeping counters clean is important because you don’t want any germs on the place where your food touches before you eat it. Which leads us to >>>


Keep the house germ free.

Wipe down doorknobs, light switches, refrigerator handles, microwave handles, telephones, the list goes on! This is especially important during flu season!

Keep the clutter out.

Organize magazines (recycle the old ones!) and mail and find a place for both of these that are out of the way. Perhaps a drawer in your foyer?  

Repair clothing + iron and steam clothing. 

Do a house search for any clothes that need new buttons sewn on or holes patched. Iron and/or steam wrinkly shirts, etc.


We hope this helps you stay a little more organized (and sane!) in 2020. Happy new year!! 

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Last-Minute Holiday Decor

Are you having company for the holidays, but haven’t had the chance to make some last-minute additions to your Christmas decor? We’ve made a list of some adorable additions you can add in just a few minutes!

Go nuts with some nutcrackers!

You can find some adorable nutcrackers at an affordable price at places like the Dollar Store, Walmart, or Target!


Ornaments look great everywhere!

Add ornaments to glass (transparent) vases, a bowl on the kitchen table, or to your mantle (place them on the garland if you have some there already!)

You can always use more twinkly lights. 

Purchase some battery-powered lights (on a copper wire) and place them in a big vase, around a candle arrangement, or over a doorway.


Festive florals!

Wreaths are great, but so are stems of garland or berries! Place them in a pretty vase!


Napkins and towels and placemats, oh my!

Purchase some festive napkins and placemats to use for Christmas dinner, and put out some cute tea towels in the kitchen (perhaps hung on the oven door handle!).

We hope this list helped give you a little inspiration for some additional decor for your home before Christmas. Let us take some of the holiday stress off of your shoulders and do a deep clean before your guests arrive on the 25th!

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Thanksgiving Cleaning

When it comes to the holidays, keeping everything clean can be difficult with so much going on! Take advantage of this cleaning checklist for before and after Thanksgiving so everything stays spick and span! 

Before Thanksgiving:

Clean and organize your kitchen.

Also, check the inside of the fridge to make sure there’s room for all those leftovers! 


Get the guest rooms ready to go.

Don’t forget the winter linens and some extra blankets so your guests won’t be cold! 

Be sure to clean all the bathrooms that guests will use.

Don’t forget the powder room(s)!


Clean the common areas.

Be sure to vacuum and dust your living room, dining room, den, and so on. Put extra throw pillows away so there’s more room on your couches and chairs. 

Clean dishes, napkins, and silverware that you use during the holidays.

Don’t forget the fun tablecloths!


Clean out your coat closet.

Make sure there are plenty of extra hangers for guests’ coats.


After Thanksgiving: 


Collect dishes and load the dishwasher, then wash dining linens.


Check chairs for crumbs or food stains you might need to remove.


Wipe down your counters, stovetop, backsplash, and table.


Sweep or vacuum the living room, kitchen, hallways, and entryway.


Let us take some of the Thanksgiving stress off of your shoulders and do a deep clean before your guests arrive on the 28th! 


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Fall Cleaning

Do you whip your home into shape in the spring with some deep cleaning? You should be doing the same in the FALL! As the cooler weather approaches, be sure to reorganize and clean up. Read through our tips below, get that cleaning up done, and then stay tuned for next month’s blog where we’ll go over the best fall decor ideas we’ve found just for you! 

Organize the closets.

First, take out all of your summer clothing and shoes. Then, vacuum up all the dust that accumulated on the floor and walls all summer. Next, dust off any shelves and drawers. Last, pull out all those cozy flannels and winter clothes and put them in that clean closet.

Get the beds winter-ready.

Take off those cooling sheets and put on some flannel or cotton ones. Add a blanket before putting the comforter back on. If it’s not chilly enough yet, just put the blanket out and ready…maybe folded at the end of the bed, or in a cute basket!

Clean the windows.

Go through the house and clean all of your windows, inside and out! This way, you won’t have to go outside to clean them in the colder months. 

Deep clean the kitchen.

The cooler months mean company and a lot of cooking indoors, so it’s time to get your appliances as clean as possible! Deep clean your oven, microwave, air fryer, etc.! 

Wash the curtains and dust the blinds. 

Don’t skip this step! The amount of dust that accumulates in these spots isn’t always noticeable, but it’s important to clean them to keep your home healthy! 


We’d love to help you get your home cleaned up for fall.  Give us a call (404-913-6699) or a get quote online here.