The holidays are such a lovely, fun time of year…but they often come with stress. This year, make time for a fall cleaning day and follow our guide! That way, as the holidays approach and you prepare for some company to come into town, you won’t have as much to worry about.

Let’s start with the kitchen:

  1. Take all of your spices and seasonings out of your drawer or pantry, and begin throwing out the ones that are expired. Be sure to add them to your grocery list as you go! It can also help to put them in alphabetical order so that you’ll be able to find what you need without picking up each one.

  1. Clear out your freezer. Take everything out – yes, everything – and check them all for expiry dates! As you do this, make note of certain items you might need for Thanksgiving dinner and add them to your grocery list.
  2. Organize your pantry. Again, clean out your pantry by setting each item on the counter and tossing out expired ones. Add a few items to your grocery list while you’re at it – don’t forget that canned pumpkin you’ll need for pumpkin pie!



  1. Be honest with yourself about what you’ve worn and what you haven’t. If you didn’t wear something this past summer or spring, chances are…you won’t wear it next time around. Send off those old sandals and sundresses to your local donation center!
  2. Take a peek at other closets in the house – glance at the coat closet and take note of any jackets or coats you and your family neglected last year – set them aside for donation as well.


  1. Get rid of any toys your children haven’t been using – it’s the perfect time of year to donate them to kids who will get much better use of them…plus, there’s no point in storing them all winter if they’ll never be used when the weather warms up!
  2. Clean up your gardening tools and supplies. Make sure they are all functioning, and throw away any that are not. Clean off any clippings and empty out your lawn mowers bag if there is any grass left in it! There’s nothing worse than getting ready to plant in the spring and finding tools and supplies a mess in the garage.


Living Room:

  1. Donate any old throw blankets you don’t use, and put the rest of them in a basket for organization.
  2. Purge all of the old magazines that are lying around.
  3. Put any children’s toys away and toss out any that are broken or old.


  1. Over time, you’re bound to collect a few products that you don’t use anymore! Makeup and lotions do expire – so be sure to toss away any that are old or you simply don’t use.
  2. Purchasing new shower curtains and new toothbrush holders is always a good way to refresh your bathroom. These items – no matter how many times you wash them – do tend to gather mold over time. It’s always good to replace things!


Now you’ve got an organized and decluttered home ready to take on those winter months. We’d love to deep-clean your home for you to prepare for the holidays and any company you may be expecting.

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