Spring Gardening Checklist

Check all of these things off of your list as we head into the spring season, and you’ll have your garden blossoming and looking gorgeous in no time!

Clean up!

Clean off your garden decor, like bulbs, birdbaths, and so on. This will help liven it up even without plants and flowers!


Plant summer bulbs

Grab a few pots and plant dahlias and tulips in them before the ground is warm enough so they have a good head start.


Get your hose up to scratch

Check it for any leaks, organize it on its holder so there are no tangles.


Rake debris

Get rid of any leaves, acorns, twigs, and the like from your garden (and yard while you’re at it!). Clear debris away with a rake or blower, and use your hands around fragile perennial plants that have broken the soil’s surface.


Prune your trees and bushes that need it.


Spread mulch

Use some fresh mulch to refresh areas where it is used.


Happy gardening!!!