Easter Fun for Kids

Are you hosting a crowd for Easter this year? We’ve got the perfect list to use for entertaining the little ones.


Color eggs, of course!

Grab a kit and some eggs from your local grocery store or Target and let the kids go to town.


Easter sponge painting

Pick up some cheap sponges and cut them into Easter-themed shapes like carrots and bunny ears. Grab some paint and paper for the kids to stamp their designs onto!


Easy option: printable coloring pages!

Download and print out some fun Easter-themed coloring pages. Don’t forget to provide markers and crayons.


Easter egg hunt, stepped up a level

Create a scavenger hunt for the kids based on the different types of eggs they’ll be finding. Draw funny faces, objects, etc on your plastic eggs to help them differentiate what they should be looking for in each task.


Play Easter bingo.

Another easy printable activity!


Easter hats

Make fun hats out of poster board or paper. Use tape or staples to create cone shapes, then have the kids paste on Easter bunny faces using more paper, puff balls for noses and eyes, pipe cleaners for whiskers, etc!


Happy Easter!