Back-to-School Organization at Home

Staying organized at home is so important, especially if you have kids in school. It shows and teaches them the importance of staying organized and will help you AND them keep up with their work and supplies. Follow along for some great tips to stay organized at home as your kids head back to school this fall.

Create or designate a homework station.

Doing this will give your child a place to go to when they get home from school and need to begin their homework. Even if you don’t have an extra desk for them at home, show them how to clear off some counter space or the kitchen table! 

Keep supplies in one organized location.

We’d recommend purchasing a rolling cart or shelf for supplies like pencils and markers, paper, etc to put near the homework station!

Keep a calendar of school events, tests, soccer practice, etc on the fridge.

You can even make it color-coded, too. Just make sure it’s easy for your kids to read and understand. 

Designate a bookshelf for books and workbooks.

Have your kids use one shelf or bookshelf for the school-related books and workbooks! This will make staying organized when they go to pack their backpacks every morning.


Hang or place a whiteboard in your child’s bedroom to help them plan their outfits.

Each night or each Sunday, plan outfits with your child so that there’s no scrambling in the morning!


We hope this helps you as your kids go back to school this fall! All our best for a great school year.